What To Do When You Get In Her House

Today it’s time to discuss how you should
behave when you’re in her home!

Even if you haven’t been to her house yet, it’s only a matter
of time before she invites you over. You have to be ready
when she does. Being invited into a girl’s home means she is
ready for you to be more involved in her life. At the very
least, she’s letting you in a bit more. The way you respond
to this invitation will be telling of your character and it
can really help your budding relationship.

So, when you get invited to her home, make sure you mind the
following protocol:

1) Bring a Small Gift
It is always a nice gesture to bring a small token of
appreciation for your host, especially if that host is your
prospect. So bring a small present. Usually a bottle of wine
is a nice neutral gift that is always useful in a household.

2) Accept What She Offers You
Make things easy on your host and accept whatever she offers
you. It is important for a host to feel like her guest is
comfortable and having a good time, so whatever she tries to
do to make it so you’re comfortable should be accepted. It
will make her feel better and more at ease.

3) Offer to Help
If you notice that she is trying to move something heavy or
if she’s offered to do something that takes quite a bit of
work, offer to help as this is the proper thing to do. If
she declines, always ask if she’s sure and see if you can do
anything to help anyway. She will appreciate it!

4) Be Aware of How Comfortable She Is
Remember when you first had your prospect over to your home?
Remember how anxious you felt? She’s probably just as anxious
about having you over. So be aware of how comfortable she is
and make sure you address the situation. Show her you’re
having a good time and that you’re comfortable and happy.
This will ease her anxiety and help things run smoother.

5) Respect Her Home
No matter how serious your relationship is getting, be sure
you respect her home. Don’t put your feet up on the table,
don’t leave the toilet seat up, and try to leave things just
the way you left it. Showing that you respect her house shows
that you respect her, and that is important!

At the end of the date or hang out, be sure you thank her for
having you over. Tell her that you had a lot of fun, and
smile while you say this. If it’s a group hang out, don’t
leave without saying goodbye!

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